Hello everyone and welcome! My name is Rosa and I am a teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Here I present my professional portfolio. Within it, you will find information about my experience as a teacher, in addition to my blog, where I share my experiences and ideas, a series of testimonies, a gallery of images, where you can see me in action and a contact page. I invite you to continue exploring and enjoying the rest of the page.


“I have had the pleasure working with Rosa Portillo for a year. In that time her enthusiasm, passion and professional attitude has made my first year teaching in a foreign country an enjoyable one.

Rosa has always been willing to share of her time and with her fellow teachers. Because of this she shares her enthusiastic personality, charm and her genuine love for people.

Knowing Rosa and her work ethic towards the Spanish language inspires the teaching team and the students as she helps to create a fun and happy atmosphere within the school.

The students at the school view Rosa as a teacher who has their best interests at heart as she gives them guidance, kindness and respect.” – Nick Horvath (Colleague)

A Teacher Who Gives Guidance, Kindness, and Respect

“Miss Rosa taught both of my daughters who were attending SEK Budapest. They can fluently speak Spanish without any difficulties due to her professionalism and her very kind nature. She is very energetic and loves children, that’s why she can handle them very well. She makes her classes interesting for the pupils, therefore they like their teacher and the Spanish language too. She can motivate children to learn, which is the most important thing in their lives. We all thank Miss Rosa for her efforts, kindness and my daughters’ success in putting their medium level Spanish language exams in their early age. God bless her!” – Susan Szlamaniczki (parent of former secondary-school students)

God Bless Her!