About Rosa

Born and raised in the wonderful city of Sevilla, Spain, I am passionate about teaching my language and my culture. How do I do this? Apart from being a trained educator — a bachelor’s in pedagogy and psychology with a master’s in teaching Spanish as a foreign language — and being a certified examiner in the DELE, my communication skills and a keen sensitivity to the needs of students certainly play their parts.

Learning a language should be active, should be vibrant, and should be fun. This philosophy is put into practice every day in my classes. As a results-driven teacher who also believes in teaching social values, I am happy to say that my philosophy and methodology do produce results.

I work continuously on the creation of lessons that are fun, educational, and integrative for everyone. This, of course, is not always easy, but with the proper attitude and perspective, this is certainly a way to grow professionally. Not all students learn in the same way and I consider that, as teachers, we must constantly analyze the effectiveness of our methods and implement new strategies when necessary if we are to fulfill the necessities of all our students. An important part of my work is helping the students learn about cooperation, building tolerance, and stoking curiosity. My greatest desire is to foster such curiosity, to empower them for personal development, and to make them successful citizens.

My main interests are literature, music, and cinema. I also enjoy traveling, exercise, and good conversation about philosophy and psychology.