My Educational Philosophy

From the earliest times, the human being has questioned what education is and what it serves. Education can be considered as the essence and basis of a society; without it, we could not equip people with the necessary tools, knowledge, and values that are necessary to interact with each other and live in society.

The purpose of the pedagogue has been to guide and orient the student in the acquisition of the skills and the abilities that ignite curiosity about the world, and, in turn, the pedagogue must enhance these skills so that students are equiped to become successful citizens.



The pedagogue’s methodology – with the acquisition of these skills as the focal point – should be clear so that students can learn easily.

In my case, as a teacher of foreign language education, I think the best way to teach a language is through the use of that language. The need to communicate with others is what really makes a student learn.

Motivation, in turn, gives rise to an interest in learning. There is no doubt that each student is motivated in a different way, since the student adopts a personal form to the learning. Therefore, the role of the language teacher should be to discover what are the needs and interests of the student, and then adapt the teaching to those needs and interests. Not all students learn the same way.

In my daily life, I continually work in the creation of dynamic and attractive lessons that include examples of everyday life, so that students can interact with each other and in turn, the lessons are entertaining for everyone. It is a challenge and a way to grow professionally. I believe that we must be in continuous renewal to reach the needs of all our students. Therefore, a foreign language teacher should be a connoisseur of the language, but also, the teacher should take time to know and understand the students. They are the creators of the classes and the teacher is the person who guides them.

It is very important for me to foster a good climate in the classroom, to listen to my students about their motivations, interests, concerns and needs, to learn from these, and to help them become successful people.