“I have had the pleasure working with Rosa Portillo for a year. In that time her enthusiasm, passion and professional attitude has made my first year teaching in a foreign country an enjoyable one.

Rosa has always been willing to share of her time and with her fellow teachers. Because of this she shares her enthusiastic personality, charm and her genuine love for people.

Knowing Rosa and her work ethic towards the Spanish language inspires the teaching team and the students as she helps to create a fun and happy atmosphere within the school.

The students at the school view Rosa as a teacher who has their best interests at heart as she gives them guidance, kindness and respect.” – Nick Horvath (Colleague)

A Teacher Who Gives Guidance, Kindness, and Respect

“Miss Rosa taught both of my daughters who were attending SEK Budapest. They can fluently speak Spanish without any difficulties due to her professionalism and her very kind nature. She is very energetic and loves children, that’s why she can handle them very well. She makes her classes interesting for the pupils, therefore they like their teacher and the Spanish language too. She can motivate children to learn, which is the most important thing in their lives. We all thank Miss Rosa for her efforts, kindness and my daughters’ success in putting their medium level Spanish language exams in their early age. God bless her!” – Susan Szlamaniczki (parent of former secondary-school students)

God Bless Her!

“Profesora Rosa helped me a lot in preparing for my B2 language exam. With her positive mood, it wasn’t hard to learn Spanish. She always kept me interested in learning this language, it was never boring studying with her. The most important thing that made it possible for me to achieve my goal, to pass the language exam, was that Profesora Rosa always believed in me, she never questioned my knowledge and my success.” – Varga Kamilla (former DELE student)

She Always Kept Me Interested in Learning

“I think Rosa can make the students concentrate on studying the language, and she does this without forcing. She made us listen to her classes by making us interested in the lectures. Rosa is always positive and enjoys helping students with their concerns. I think she is a wonderful teacher mainly because students are not afraid to ask from her.” – Varga Luca (former secondary-school student)

She is a Wonderful Teacher

“Rosa is the sunshine at the school. We love her energy and the power of her love. My opinion about Rosa as a teacher is very positive. She made my son love the language, to feel it and be comfortable using it. I’m very thankful for her advice and for the support she gave my son every day.  The projects and the extra work she gave never felt like obligations which just made the learning procedure even more exciting. My boy loves her, and so do I.” – Edina Pavlidis (parent of 5th-grade student)

Rosa is the Sunshine at the School

“Being a teacher and an educator is a complex and highly responsible thing. Miss Rosa teaches and nurtures and she is a kind of step-mom and friend in the same time. She takes attention and respects individuality and personal needs, motivates and arouses interest, so learning is not a compulsory obligation anymore but entertainment and knowledge hunger.
She is always cheerful, always positive, and someone who not only enriches Spanish knowledge but also gives great direction in life.” – Kende Krisztina (parent of 3rd-grade student)

Someone who gives great direction in life!

“Rosa is a wonderful, warm, and friendly teacher. She is very charismatic, the type you’ll remember for the rest of your life. She can make you learn more and work hard with a big smile, just like her. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Her genuine care for other is beyond this world. Her teaching style is relaxed and fun. I highly recommend all Spanish learners to follow her fantastic work. You’ll make real progress!” – Dr. Kata Kuthy (parent of 3rd-grade student)

The Type You’ll Remember for the Rest of Your Life!

“Several years ago we decided that it would be amazing if our kids learned Spanish. It wasn’t easy to find a Spanish teacher in Budapest, but we did it! Rosa was the best choice. Since she’s native – which means she speaks Spanish fluently-  she is very patient, and is a master of motivating her students due to her. The kids are always happy to see her and are now able to speak Spanish without difficulties. I recommend it to everyone who wishes to speak Spanish fluently, and wants to learn from a well educated teacher!” – Zita Nagy, Ph.D. (parent of 8th-grade student)

Master of Motivation

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rosa for almost four years. In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to witness her professionalism in the work environment, her care for her students, her ability to resolve problems, and her capacity to create a logical plan and successfully execute it. She produces results and she does it with a smile!” – Drew Sparkman

First-Class Teacher and Colleague